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As a wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhengzhou Dongfeng has established friendly cooperation and trade relations with nearly 300 companies in more than 50 countries and regions on five continents. Nearly 60 pickup trucks, dump trucks, sport utility vehicles and buses have been sold all over the world. Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and more than 30 countries; some products have been sold to North America, Western Europe and Japan and other countries. You are interested in our pickup trucks. You are welcome to consult any time.

The Characteristics Of Pickup Trucks

The most common type of pickup trucks is a double-row pickup truck, which has the largest number of cars and is the most widely seen pickup trucks in the market.

pickup trucks can be used as a special vehicle, multi-purpose vehicle, business vehicle, business vehicle, but also as a household car, used for cargo, tourism, rental and other uses.

The Characteristics Of Pickup Trucks

1.pickup trucks has car-like comfort, without losing power, and is stronger than the car's ability to load and adapt to poor road conditions.

2.Although pickup trucks are comparable to passenger cars in terms of comfort, energy conservation, environmental protection and image, and their versatility has a better reputation than passenger cars, the key to the development of pickups is whether the ban on entry into cities can be lifted or not.

The Classification Of Pickup Trucks

In view of the structural characteristics of pickup trucks and taking into account the above classification basis, pickup trucks shall be classified as the corresponding tax code according to the following principles:

The single row pickup trucks is classified as the 8704 item because of its obvious cargo characteristics.

- Double-row seat pickup trucks, both manned and loaded two purposes, should be used to determine the load and passenger weight of the number of main purposes, carrying passenger weight over the load, classified as 8703, carrying passenger weight does not exceed the load, classified as 8704.

The Market Of Pickup Trucks

pickup trucks, as a commercial vehicle market share of less than 10%, in the entire automotive market only accounted for 2.1%. Last year, China's automotive market grew by 2.45% year-on-year, commercial vehicles fell by 6.31% year-on-year, but the overall sales of 3943,000 vehicles, an increase of 4.1% year-on-year, has become the automotive sector's few to achieve growth thin. Market share has attracted much attention. In Europe and the U.S., pickup trucks account for 30% of total car sales, up to 60% in the U.S. and only about 2% in China.

Our Service

1.We will arrange overseas sellers to provide you services according to your district after receiving your enquiries; 

2.Our overseas sellers introduce products according to your requirements; 

3.Our overseas sellers will confirm the products you want to purchase; 

4.After negotiating such matters as prices, terms of trade etc., we will sign a contract; 

5.We will arrange production and delivery after collecting the payments. 

Pickup Trucks Pleasure

Maybe you have an off-road vehicle, but you are not aware of the fun of running with the goods. Maybe you have a truck, but you can't run with people you love. Maybe you have a car, but you admire SUV's openness and wildness. In fact, as long as you have a pickup trucks, all these problems will be solved. When do you drive a pickup trucks, too?

Rich Pick Up Security

Perfect safety equipment. Reliable security guarantee.

Body design. Trapezoidal frame structure with 300mm front buffer. Such advanced safety design and rich pickup trucks will always provide you with strong road driving experience.

The perfect combination of rigid pressure elements such as collapsible steering column side door bar, softening instrument panel, ABS + EBD and softening instrument panel provides intelligent protection. Safety equipment is essential for vehicles, and all these useful equipment can provide a safe journey.

Company Introduction

The products and fittings exported by Zhengzhou Dongfeng are mainly bought from Zhengzhou Nissan Auto Co., Ltd, including RICH, RICH NEW and RICH 2018.

Import and Export Company always adhere to rely on the east, facing the country, to the world of policy, Dongfeng Group play advantage and take the road of integrating industry and trade. Especially in recent years, the company attaches importance to achieve the accumulation of resources for sustainable development. Increasing market development and business adjustment, adhere to both external and internal trade, Trade and Industry combination of domestic and foreign joint business strategy, has become engaged in foreign trade, extending to logistics and processing trade of industrial projects and so on.

At present, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Automobile Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in: import automobile business, automobile export business, logistics business. Among them, pickup trucks, Nissan Gene Classic Inheritance, high-end professional pickup trucks platform! Welcome car-loving friends to consult.

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