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china High Class Quality Diamond Circular Saw Blade

company : Henan Drills-King Mining Technology Co, Ltd.
address : No.3, Hongfengli Road, High-Tech Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.



Henan Drills-King Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in Diamond circular saw blade design, manufacturing and sales. Today to introduce everyone about Diamond circular saw blade. If you have a demand for Diamond circular saw blade, you are welcome to send us inquires.

Diamond Circular Saw Blade description:

Suitable for cutting concrete,granite,slate,marble,terrazo,ceramic pipe,clay pipe,clay tiles,refractory,ceramic,engineering,brick&block,stones,fiber,glass products,plastic,general building materials,etc.

Diamond Circular Saw Blade Common sizes:105mm,115mm,125mm,150mm,180mm,230mm or other.

Bore Diameter:22.23mm/22mm.

Features of Diamond Circular Saw Blade:

1.Long lifespan,high stability.

2.Fast cutting for marble,granite, sandstone etc.

3.Stable function and performance when cutting process.

4.We can also manufacture diamondsawblades according to customers' needs

Advantages of Diamond Circular Saw Blade

1) Special Design for different customer demand.

2) Dry and Wet Cutting are Both OK!

3) Diamond Cutting Blade for Granite. Fast cutting, Long life, High universality.

4) Both Standard Core and Reinforced Core are available.

5) Recommended to be used on Power Manual Saw Machine

Our company information:

Established in 2005, Henan Drills-King Ming Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional high and new technical enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of diamond tools, which provides related technology and services for modern mining drilling industry. With several national patent technology, Drills-King Mining owns strong power of product R&D and technology innovation by being equipped with advanced production equipment, complete detecting instruments and powerful technology research team.


As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Henan Drills-King Ming Technology Co.,Ltd mainly research and produce the following range of drilling tools:


1. PDC cutter insert 1304, 1305,1306,1308.1310,1313,1613,1616,1916...etc;

2.PDC non-core bit/PDC core bit diameter 60mm/65mm/75mm/89mm/94mm/113mm/133mm/153mm...etc;

3. PDC anchor bit for roof bolting diameter 27mm/28mm/29mm/30mm/32mm/42mm/43mm...etc;

4. Diamond core drill bit:impregnated diamond core bit AQ BQ NQ HQ PQ...etc;

5. Tungsten carbide drill bit:twin-wing coal bit, chisel bit, cross bit, button bit...etc.

6. Coal pick;

7. Drill rods-hex/twist/spiral/water well drill rods;

8. Drilling rigs and other drill tools.

9.brazed diamond saw blade,stinered diamond saw blade, laser diamond saw blade and so on.



Company:Henan Drills-King Mining Technology Co., Ltd.


Diamond circular saw blade is supplied in large quantities, we have our own factory,strong supply capacity, high quality,low price, if you are interested in Diamond circular saw blade, you are welcome to send us inquiry.

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No.3, Hongfengli Road, High-Tech Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.

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