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Longkou Shunda Machinery Equipment Co.,Limited is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in gypsum block machine product packaging design, manufacturing and sales. Longkou Shunda Machinery Equipment Co.,Limited has ten years history. Now I'd like to introduce gypsum block machine to everyone. If you have a demand for gypsum block machine, please contact us.

Automatic control system of gypsum block machine                           

The system uses programmable logic controller (PLC), and is composed of a button box, an electric control cabinet and other devices near the operators.

1. Development and application of the new high-speed mixer. High speed strring aimed at shortening the gypsum slurry time (mix average within 10 seconds), helps to make full use of gypsum slurry liquidity, so don't have to add the retarder.

2. Discharge using reverse discharging, flip to speed up the pulp out of discharge, and gypsum can be full flow in the mold. The appearance of gypsum block size precision, ensure the product quality and accuracy.

3. Easy to form a complete equipment. Control the quality in strict accordance with the ISO9001. The key electronic components use the Siemens brand.

4.The scale of production and the area of the automatic gypsum block machine (iso+ce) from china is moderate and match the automation and the mechanization of the production line.

The characteristics of gypsum block machine

Gypsum block machine has low energy consumption, small footprint, simple production process and high efficiency. Gypsum block machine operation, ejection using hydraulic cylinder, adding no ejection mold block power has been cut off, call after 160T pressure as usual ejection block. Gypsum block machine uses hydraulic pre-selection centralized control, saving auxiliary time, improving efficiency, and reducing the labor force of workers. Gypsum block machine roof, clamping, scraper, return and movement distribution, using electronic control, hydraulic automatic memory function of the new digital display meter. The electrical control of gypsum block machine adopts programmable controller, with complete function and high precision. Automatic feeding, mixing and discharging procedures.

The introduction of gypsum block machine

Forming machine the mold material adopts alloy steel that is electroplated with thick enough hard chrome on its surface and is mirror-polished. Then with high manufacturing accuracy and a fine adjustment structure of block dimensions to make sure all the blocks produced are of high precision, excellent surface finish, and also long life-span of the mold.

Central hydraulic station including high and low pressure oil pump and drive motor, fuel tank (with oiler, liquid level indicator, hook, etc.), electromagnetic valve, one-way throttle valve,etc.

Pneumatic flexible fixture pneumatic flexible fixture-on-rails: install fixturing trolley with wheels on two rails. The trolley can move at high or low speed, advance and retreat, and has the functions of brake positioning.

Company introduction

Longkou Shunda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Gypsum block machine; 3D panel machine; Mgo board machine; Gypsum board machine and other complete sets of equipment, we are machinery research and development, manufacturing, sales and technology transfer as one of the innovative technology enterprises. The company has been established for more than thirty years. The company is located in Longkou City, Shandong. The company has a group of experts and high-quality professional and technical personnel, the management and operation team is young and dynamic. The average age of the employees is more than 30, and the intermediate title is 16. The company has been advocating the enterprise concept of "sincere cooperation, seek common development", adhere to the honest and trustworthy business strategy, interactive and win-win development model, improve the rules and regulations, clear rewards and punishments, for many years to achieve leapfrog development.

Gypsum block machine has a long service life and excellent quality. Because we have our own factory, we can provide a large number of gypsum block machine, high quality, low price, perfect after-sales service. You can come to our factory for a visit anytime.

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1.5km of Xinxiang road,Xufu Town,Longkou City,Shandong province, China

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