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Best Supplier 250ml olive oil bottle

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Best Supplier 250ml olive oil bottle

keywords:Best Supplier 250ml olive oil bottle

250ml olive oil bottle description


1. Country of Origin: China

2. Technology: handmade

3 shows. Post-processing: Any color or logo is allowed

4 Payment: L / C, T/T and Western Union, according to the situation

5. Minimum order quantity: 50 k.

6. Package: under normal circumstances: carton (but according to your request)

7. Delivery time: 25-35 working days from the time of getting the PO and the down payment.

8. Detailed Product Description: 250ml olive oil bottle, very bright, elegant appearance, high quality, a wide range of design, affordable.


The details of the 250ml olive oil bottle


The finish of the 250ml olive oil bottle and suitable cap



Packaging of 250ml olive oil bottle

We'll offer several packing and shipping solutions to satisfy your needs. 

Usually our prices are based on the standard packaging.


Besides 250ml olive oil bottle, we also produce olive oil bottle caps, capsule and label 

and so on.


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Besides 250ml olive oil bottle, we also produce the clear bottle. If you need, don't hesitate to let

us know.

About us


Why To Choose Us:

1. 15 years experience in this industry. 

2. Real one stop option for clients, since we know well on capper machines, bottles and caps, etc.

3. Better production capacity, first class technique and years experience will lead us to the situation of more flexibility than others in all aspects. 

4. Our philosophy: Clients always correct, quality and fame is more important than just getting profit. All of our work is aim for long term win-win cooperation with client, not just sell and buy relationship.


Company Information:

  Shandong Liquorpac Co.,Ltd were founded with united goup of owners of plants and manufacturers in packaging industry, including the plant of glass bottles, closure plants, twist off cap plants, label plants and bottling machine, cap making machine producers and other partner plants for liquor promotion items. The purpose of the group is to build up a platform of real one stop packaging solution provider, the advantage of our group work is bond different leading plants in packaging fields into a solid group, The advantage of this working mechanism naturally avoid malign competition, and everybody focus on team work from different fields to make a same goal, to provide professional packaging solutions and satisfy client to get stable long term business partnership. 

  Our team has 15 years experience in this industry, and our products were exported to more than 30 countries in the world. The misson of our team is to be a professional solution provider with a systematically resources and related know-how which comes from our long-term practice. 

FAQ of green olive oil bottle


Contact Us:

Even Zhao

Shandong Liquorpac Co.,Limited

Tel: +8618105350776

WhatsApp: +8618105350776

Wechat: +8618105350776



Product Brand:SL

Order Quantity:make to order

Product Price:negotiation

Product Package:make to order


Lead time:make to order

Supplement Information 1:Material: Glass

Supplement Information 2:Diameter: 69mm

Supplement Information 3:Sample offer: yes

Supplement Information 4:Industrial Use: Cooking Oil

Supplement Information 5:Sealing Type: Other

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No.16 Xingyuan Road, Zhifu District,Yantai City, China

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